Rekhaoil® Silicone Emulsion



Rekhaoil® Silicone Emulsion is a 60% active non-ionic silicone emulsion ideal for use in furniture and automotive dressing applications and offers long-lasting gloss and water-repellency characteristics. It is the number one eco-friendly choice in silicone emulsion for tire shine and wax formulations across the nation!

It can also be used as a highly effective and low-cost mold release agent for rubber and plastic parts including stoppers, screw tops, bungs, and much more. For those in the textile industry, Rekhaoil® silicone emulsions are excellent textile lubricants for yarn manufacturing, hosiery manufacturing, and sewing thread and needle lubrication

Formulated with high viscosity 1000cs polydimethylsiloxane silicone oil.

For special wholesale pricing in drums or Totes email us @ [email protected]

75.00 per gallon delivered in the usa

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